Berkana Consulting Group: Developing Leaders Who Shape Our World

Strategic Planning & Facilitation

Berkana’s consultants are skilled and effective facilitators of departmental and organizational strategic planning.

Our approach is fluid and flexible. The outcomes we seek are true to the spirit of the organization and its people. Ours is a “bottom up” process with oversight, input, and direction from leadership; a process that emphasizes buy-in and commitment. Visioning is the cornerstone and is supported by the development of appropriate planning documents.

"Chris Hyland and Betty Shotton of Berkana Consulting worked closely with my Executive Team during a challenging merger. Their approach included and respected the input of all employees. Armed with valuable ground floor information, they worked diligently and professionally with our Executives to arrive at a strategic plan that has greatly enhanced the future of this organization. Chris and Betty are trustworthy, committed, and bring a genuine care for the individuals and the organization that they work with." — Chat Norvell President & CEO, Care Partners