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Leadership Development Training

The key to the success of our training courses and retreats is our commitment to tangible outcomes that directly benefit the participant, and the organization.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that the sessions are relevant and meaningful. We focus on attaining outcomes that give attendees new skills and awareness to take back to the workplace.

Participant contribution to the success and sustainability of their departments and organizations is a foundation in all of our training.

We are happy to come and meet with you to discuss the challenges and developmental needs of your management.

Courses Offered:

For more detail on the classes listed below, please call 828.669.2307 or email .

“Listen well enough to lead through their eyes. Relate well enough to communicate with their hearts. Work well enough to place tools in their hands. Think well enough to challenge and expand their minds.”– John Maxwell

  • Self Leadership I & II

    Self Leadership is a course every committed Leader should experience. It examines each participants leadership values and puts them in the context of “what makes a great leader”.

    It focuses on the critical influence leaders exert on others and stresses the importance of the high standards they should hold for themselves, their people, and their organization. Participants will complete the course with a greater understanding of personal accountability, responsibility and commitment required in their role as a leader.

    Each course is four hours in length. We are happy to work with you in adapting course content to directly meet the unique needs of your people. Classes can accommodate up to 20 people.

  • Conflict Resolution

    As long as we are alive on the planet, there will be conflict. Resolution of our world's greatest conflict begins with each individual's responsibility to pro-actively and nonjudgmentally address conflict in their own personal and work lives.

    Our course is designed to address the unique needs and challenges of your group. We use actual situations and conduct the course with an objective of having participants apply the training to current conflict in their work environment. We provide training and tools to improve participants’ negotiation and conflict management skills.

    Conflict Resolution is generally conducted in a series of four hour sessions in groups of up to 20 people.

  • Transformational Leadership

    For organizations that want to move Leaders and Managers from mediocrity to committed achievement, this course provides support and tools for recognizing and realizing their leadership potential.
    The course curriculum includes:
    • Change
    • Self Leadership
    • Performance Management
    • Coaching & Developing others
    • Visioning and Strategic thinking

    This course is in 5 four hour sessions scheduled over a time period set by you.

  • Coaching & Mentoring

    A challenge for many busy executives is finding the time for one on one staff development.

    The skills of coaching and mentoring have been shown to be two of the most effective and cost effective methods of motivating and retaining valuable staff. This course gives participants practice and experiential training and leads them towards recognizing when and how to utilize these skills in their workplace.

    If those of us as leaders no longer dedicate our time to the development and service to others, who are we as leaders?

    This course uses role-play and case studies to give each participant relevant practice and "take back" skills.